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Legalization of documents for use in China,South Korea, Brazil, UAE, Vietnam, Taiwan and more than 90 other countries around the world.

* University Degrees
* Background Checks 
* Teaching Certificates
* Transcripts 
* Business Contracts
* Power of Attorney 

Expedited services in  2 weeks or less:

Most requested legalization and authentication information according to region or country. ​​​​

  1. China authentication services
    China is considered to be the second largest economy in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that various business along with expats tend to flock to this country.Teaching,civil and property documents are mostly notarized in this country. Step 4 Obtain a money order, wire transfer or papal payment in the amount of 280.00usd made payable to our courier agent pelcc Company. NOTE: China is not a member of the Hauge Convention, therefore notarization processing steps will be lengthier than normal. Currently, notarization services are offered to the following countries: *United States *Australia *United Kingdom *Canada
  2. Hong Kong authentication services
    Hong Kong is considered to be a financial mega city in the Far East. Many investors use our legalization services primarily for investment purposes.
  3. India authentication services
    India is known for it's massive IT industry. Many of our clients from this region often request legalization of non civil documents.
  4. Japan authentication services
    Japan is commonly known for their high tech products and need for foreign talent. Many of our clients use our services to notarize education documents in this eastern country. .
  5. Phillipians authentication services
    The Philippians is considered to be a retirement haven for many westerners; many of our trusted clients seek to notarize property and various civil documents.
  6. Taiwain authentication services
    An island with an abundant amount of opportunity. Clients have used our services to notarize property documents, transcripts and degrees.
  7. South Korean authentication services
    South Korea is mainly famous for their cram schools, and intense focus on education. Many of our clients request degree and transcript from this country. South Korea is know for it's intense focus on education. Many ESL teachers often request apostilization services of degrees and transcripts from this country.
  8. Saudia Arabia authentication services
    Saudia Arabia is situated in Middle East. It's main focus is the country's oil industry and housing market. Saudi Arabia is also a magnet for ESL teachers. We mostly notarize property and educational documents from this country.
professional legalization services
INC Agents

INC Agents

Our INC agents are internationally trained in offering professional legalization services. At INC, we know that the legalization process can be difficult to navigate with so many steps and procedures. With more than 14 years of experience, you can count on us to get the job done. Feel free to contact an  INC agent today for more information regarding our services.

Legalization General information Q&A

Embassy Legalization processing time and delivery 

Please note that the processing time to have your legalized documents returned will be left up to the Chinese consulate. Chinese nationally recognized holidays or a high volume rate in notarization applications may delay the normal processing time of applications.

Legalization Application procedures:
*An original copy of your degree, transcripts or other documents which need to be notarized
*Two authorization forms from our company with date and signature. Request authorization forms from an INS agent.
*A copy of your passport copy's information page.

Information regarding legalization of documents in China.

Q. What is needed to legalize a US degree for use in China and what is the process?
Americans wishing to obtain legalization of their degrees or transcripts may sometimes require up to five steps; however, countries such us the UK and Australia may only require two steps before they are able to their documents in  China. In fact, the  laws and regulations  regarding legalization of documents for use in China are often tedious and complicated to understand.

Q. How long does it take to legalize a degree
In most cases it will take up to two weeks to have your transcripts ,background check or degree legalized. At times, there may delays due to backups in the consulate or embassy etc.

Q. What is the purpose of having a degree and transcripts legalized
Like any other documents, degrees and transcripts can copied through illegal methods such as diploma mills, many countries are making sure that individuals seeking employment in their country have the legal  and authentic documents  to work in their country.

Q. What is the difference between having your documents appostillized  and legalized?
If you are seeking employment in a country which is the member of the Hauge Convention, you will only need to have your documents appostillzed; however if you are seeking employment in a country which is not a member of the Hauge Convention, your documents will need to be legalized, which requires more step than apostilization . 
Notarization General information
Fees for Embassy Authentication

  1. Country
    Type of document
    Services to be included
  2. United States Citizens
    University Degree /Transcripts ,Property Documents, Background Check etc.
    393.00 usd to 550 usd per doc. Includes
    Authentication, Notarization, Embassy legalization Services
  3. British Citizens
    University Degree/Transcripts,Property Documents,Background Check etc.
    393.00 usd to 550 usd per doc.
    Authentication, Notarization, Embassy legalization Services
  4. Canadian Citizens
    University Degree/Transcripts, Property Documents, Background Check etc.
    350usd to 550usd per document
    Authentication,Notarization, Embassy legalization Services
  5. Australian Citizens
    University Degree/Transcripts,Property Documents, Background Check etc.
    550 usd to 870 usd per doc.
    Authentication,Notarization, Embassy legalization Services
  6. New Zealand Citizens
    University Degree/Transcripts, Property Documents, Background check etc.
    Contact an INC agent
    Authentication, Notarization, Embassy legalization Services
  7. South African Citizens
    University Degree/Transcripts, Property Documents, Background Check etc.
    Contact an INC Agent
    Authentication,Notarization, Embassy legalization Services
  8. EU Citizens
    University Degree/Transcripts, Property Documents, Background Check etc.
    Contact an INC agent
    Authentication,Notarization, Embassy Legalization Services
  9. Other Countries
    University Degree/Transcripts, Property Documents, Background Check etc.
    Contact an INC agent
    Authentication,Notarization, Embassy legalization services
Embassy Legalization Inquiry Form: we promise to reply in one day.
Please provide us with as much as information as possible, as this will help our INC agents to provide you with the best service possible.
Your Full Name
Contact Numbers
Your Email
Please inform us on the type of documents to be Legalized


     Apostile document information and pricing​

Apostilization of a document is easier than legalizing a document. The final step does not require approval of seal from the country in which the document will be used. Pricing for all apostilization is $50.00.
This does not include shipping fee charges or taxes. Please feel free to consult an INC agent for more information on apostilization of your documents. Please review the information below to obtain a better understanding on which particular countries fall under the apostilization category  and how this relates to the Hauge Convention.

Fees for All Countries needing Apostille  
US Department of State Apostille
Service Fees for Federal Apostille Services: $50.00usd
Timeframe for Federal Apostille Services:  In most cases the Apostille can be obtained in 3-5 business days. Please note that international shipping of docs can often be approximately 5 to 6 days.

Most popular countries we Apostille: 

Japan​                                                                     Mexico
Fees: 150.00 usd.                                                  Fees: 150.00 usd
Processing Time: 1 week.                                 Processing time: 1 week

South Korea                                          Equador
Fees : 150.00                                                           Fees: 150.00 usd
Processing Time: 1 week                                   Processing time: 1 week

Fees: 150.00 usd
Processing Time: 1 week 

***Do not see a country where you will need to Apostille your documents ? Contact an INC agent and we will provide you with an immediate quote for the country you are seeking.

 Federal Apostille Services


About the Hauge Convention

Passport Copy with signature:
Notarization Application procedures:
*An original copy of your degree, transcripts or other documents which need to be legalized.
*Two authorization forms from our company with date and Chinese Consulate/Embassy Form.



What is the Hauge Convention?

The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 are a series of international treaties and declarations negotiated at two international peace conferences at The Hague in the Netherlands. For US citizens, this means that the following countries below will only require apostille, which only requires the secretary of State apostille. This means that expediting the legalization of your documents will be quicker.

Need only Appostile                     Require legalization from embassy                  

Chile                                                    China
Costa Rica                                        Algeria
Croatia                                               Afghanastan
Cyprus                                                Angola
Czech Republic                              Bahrain
Denmark                                           Bangladesh
Ecuador                                             Benin
El Salvador                                       Bolivia
Estonia                                               Brazil
Egypt                                                  Burkina Faso
Estonia                                               Burundi
Fiji                                                         Cambodia
Finland                                               Cameroon
France                                                Chile
Georgia                                              Cuba
Germany                                           DRC

Honduras                                          Ghana
Hong Kong                                       Guatemala
Hungary                                            Guinea
India                                                    Haiti
Italy                                                      Indonesia
Ireland                                                Iraq
Israel                                                  Jordan
Japan                                                Kuwait
Kazakhstan                                     Lebanon
Korea                                                 Libya
Kyrgyz Stan                                     Pakistan
Lativa                                                 Philippines
Lesotho                                             Nigeria
Liberia                                               Qatar
Lithuana                                          Saudi Arabia
Luxembourg                                  Thailand
Macedonia                                     Taiwain
Malawi                                              United Arab Emirates
Malta                                                 Vietnam
Marshall Islands
New Zealand

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Fine Print
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